Saturday, December 26, 2009

Our Dear Mama Papa Game:)

Girl stuff one called it; and childish another:
We fussed and fought. Agreed and disagreed
At last consensus came
To play our dear mama papa game.

When one acted as a traitor,
We wondered who’d be facilitator!!
But as usual it was super mom to the rescue
Who filled the game with all the hue.

Gift economy was not just the rule of the game.
From our mama papa a command came.
Some silly, some sweet, some thoughtful and neat
And sometimes emderatology needs better techniques.
Commands executed perfectly by a few.
Partially by some, getting complaints from their mums.

Each put thought in the gift they gave
Which we exchanged in that tiny cave.
With the camera constantly flashing
For the toothpaste models it seemed like a bashing.
Was it the seasons cheer or the company near
Only happy voices we would hear.

Voice modulation never attempted
The excitement we pre-empted
Moving from the little cave
To a whole new planet
An alter ego tries to save.

With meal to recount the days events
Pleasurable it was to see
Reactions to insane conversations
Unfortunately the insane didn’t seem to realize.

And as usual
Hopscotch it seemed to be
Until home base we managed to reach

Monday, December 21, 2009

Thats my father..

No i don't have to look back
the pictures in front of me flash
he held me in his arms when i cried
hit me on my knuckles when i couldn't divide!!
realised every dream even before i could see
and loves me even when I'm only me..

From little steps to exam preps
From early morning alarms
to perfect cappuccinos and bournivta
From silly movies to high spirits
For being there all credit he merits...

There ain't no doubt in my mind
He is one person who never left me behind.
Through struggles and strife
he taught the meaning of life.

My biggest critic
My best appreciator
He always tells me to try harder,
that's my Father :)

Monday, December 14, 2009

no ode i can pay..

No ode to nature like Wordsworth i can pay...
no vivid narrative i can say
of the genial sunshine that comes through after rain
penetrating the dark clouds following each other like a train
the water droplets that gleam on the flowers
proclaim their purity and soothing powers
the solitary bird that flies across the sky
savouring the moment, not getting itself dry..
on the roof top i stand and wonder
to stay in basement and work was such a blunder...
to the beauty if the sight i surrender..

Saturday, December 12, 2009

My drink!!!

It is but an art to fix my drink

hovering between the large and small.

no a wrong one wouldn take me to sanity's brink

nor would i demonstrate idiocy more than i normally do

the only thing that would be high are my footwear heels...

but ofcourse i would take up a dare

like a stupid mare

without for the world a care

to bring to perfect proportion the "concoction"

with company thats new and old

there was no putting on hold

the free flowing one liners..

well it couldn have gotten finer

except for a meal with a fine diner..

Monday, December 7, 2009

Monday Mournings????

it's a Monday morning and
surprisingly there aren't any blues..
i would attribute it to a weekend
filled with a variety of hues...
its not on every Saturday
that we get a night out..

Flips and flops are inherent in our plan
after all we are a funny clan...
acting like 3 idiots is not
limited to the screen..
the watchman who witnessed
our madness, i'm sure thought
he had a horrible dream
till there was completion of the team..
the fourth entering with a temper
we made all attempts to pamper
including a rhyming banter...

tempting they are...
junk and ice cream..
even after an appetizing meal..
vocabulary is not our asset
but that dint make us "taboo".
it was as precious as corals
the mid night class on morals
and we were let out of the grip
when we did go on our "road trip"
although i couldn wake up Sid..

after yes and irresolute no..
for the concert we decided to go..
Papu cant dance..
but we gave ourselves a chance..
screaming and yelling like those
old school days..
of laughter and mirth
there seemed to be no dearth..

issuance of curfew ordinances
left us "flighting" like Cinderellas..
No.. we wouldn't change into rags
nor lose our carriages to take us home
just that we would get to hear fireworks
that for a couple of days in our ears would lurk..

the inevitable exhaustion to the bed hinges
even those who are 6 feet, two and a half inches...

Monday, November 30, 2009

A little thought...

A little thought i ponder on...
For thoughts become things the say..
the little thought that comes at last
i don't want to be a thing of the past..
what has gone past has gone
its time to move on
its is impossible to get back
what one has foregone...

Friday, November 20, 2009

Finally out of Hibernation....

i survived!!! four months of sitting at home and trying to study.. Omg!! i never thought i could do that.. but i did... i did.. i did.. the result was not very satisfying though.. for now that is the least of my worries.. exams are done.. and finally I'm out hibernation and allowed to break free.. to do what I've been wanting to for a very very long time.. the list of things to do is really really long.. but lets see "10 things i wanna do after exams"
1. Get myself a really nice haircut
2. Shop till i drop
3. Clean the mess in my room and book shelf
4. Go on my nice little joy ride
5. Make up for all the lost time with family and friends
6.Read, Read and Read more.. uh.. not text books.. my sweet love stories and enthralling mysteries.. and a couple new bestsellers
7. Watch all the movies that I've missed
8. Experiment a little with my culinary skills and learn to fix a few drinks
9. Plan an improbable holiday ( i might not go on one but there ain't no harm trying right???)
10. Lastly try and loose some weight...
ya ya ya.. there is loads more that i need to do.. so lets wait and watch how things pan out....