Saturday, December 26, 2009

Our Dear Mama Papa Game:)

Girl stuff one called it; and childish another:
We fussed and fought. Agreed and disagreed
At last consensus came
To play our dear mama papa game.

When one acted as a traitor,
We wondered who’d be facilitator!!
But as usual it was super mom to the rescue
Who filled the game with all the hue.

Gift economy was not just the rule of the game.
From our mama papa a command came.
Some silly, some sweet, some thoughtful and neat
And sometimes emderatology needs better techniques.
Commands executed perfectly by a few.
Partially by some, getting complaints from their mums.

Each put thought in the gift they gave
Which we exchanged in that tiny cave.
With the camera constantly flashing
For the toothpaste models it seemed like a bashing.
Was it the seasons cheer or the company near
Only happy voices we would hear.

Voice modulation never attempted
The excitement we pre-empted
Moving from the little cave
To a whole new planet
An alter ego tries to save.

With meal to recount the days events
Pleasurable it was to see
Reactions to insane conversations
Unfortunately the insane didn’t seem to realize.

And as usual
Hopscotch it seemed to be
Until home base we managed to reach


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